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[Guide] How to make money in EFT

EDIT : Thanks to everybody for pointing out the few mistakes/improvements that can be made in this new-player level guide.
For the sake of summarizing here :
- Intel documents are NOT worth 250k. I didn't check them on the flea before writing this and for some reason I always remembered them at 250k. Game is in maintenance so I can't check the real price. That being said, it's still profitable to craft USB into Intel, it's just not x2 profitable.
- Scav case : moonshine / intel docs, some people seem to say they've never been profitable. I personally *did not* measure those, I eyeballed it. I'm working on so much shit that I didn't bother. On average I think that I'm in a net positive, but it's as believable as people saying they're not : without proof we can't really say for sure. That bein said, it's certainly more profitable to run lower-tier scav runs that are *faster* when you're online, and to run a moonshine or intel when you log off. It's more efficient to get a lot of runs while you can re-start them every time.
- Crafting moonshine : It's not profitable to spam it ; I was under the assumption that the average player who will read this will usually not play for 4-5 hours straight and will end up collecting yesterday's moonshine, craft a new one, and that's it. If that's you're rythm then yes, spam it. If you intend to play more than one craft worth's of time, then you will craft moonshine faster than you can spend it, and it's not really worth to sell it on the flea except to up your market reputation for a small loss (about 10k). So in short : craft moonshine to be able to start a moonshine run for when you log off, but you don't *need* more than that.

Check this out

Here is some actual data on the lavatory !!

Hey everybody !

I know it can be a struggle to get a stable economy in this game, especially when you die a lot. Today I'm gonna try and give a few guidelines on how to make money safely, efficiently, fast, or in any other way we can think of.
If you're struggling to stay above the 15-20 million rouble treshold, this guide is definitely for you.
Very often I'll hear newer players say "Damn I can't seem to make money, I keep loosing. Every time I take gear I die instantly". There is some truth in that. Today I'll help you improve your survival rate, but most importantly I'll unbalance the other side of the equation. When you complain about losing a lot of money, I will help you spend less by a significant margin, as well as earn more. You'll also get rid of gear fera naturally.
Remember this throughout this very, very long read : It all depends on how you want to play, and how much. Some of these tips will not fit how you want to play the game, and like Nikita always says : this game is supposed to be fun before anything else.

1. Hideout

Safety Score : 100%
Reward : Moderate but very stable.
Maxing your hideout should be one of your top priorities, probably before telling your mom how much you love her every now and then. If you're not doing either of those, the big gamer in you knows what to do.
Early wipe, save your fuel for when you're online and playing. If you're playing, your generator should definitely be running and all your stations should be crafting something.
Once you have Medstation 1, Workbench 1 and Lavatory 2, you really have no reason to turn your generator off when you're playing.
Once you have the bitcoin farm, you should never turn off the generator.
Medstation :
Craft salewas and/or IFAKs permanently. They cost 8k and sell for 15k. That's a net profit of about 25k / hour for salewas, as well as never having to buy any.
Lavatory :
Always be crafting Bleach. If you have 2 empty blue fuel, use those empty cans to craft a Magazine case.
You can then keep the magazine cases until you've enough for your liking and sell those for a good profit.
The bleach you will use to buy the 6B47 helmets which are better than the SSh-68 helmets. Buying from 2x bleach barter at ragman level 1 means you get the helmet for 18k (instead of 33k on the market). This helmet has better head coverage, less slow/negative effects, less weight, has a slot for a mount, has +11 ergonomics AND is cheaper than the 22k SSh-68. That being said, it has a slight noise reduction that the Ssh does not have. If you wear headphones I'd say this is negligible but debatable. I prefer to have the extra protection and ergonomics for sure, considering it's slightly cheaper.

You can also barter for that helmet and instantly sell it back for a profit (five times) and level up ragman money requirements.
Bleach can also be traded for the Blackjack backpack at level 4, as well as the TTV rig at level 2. You should definitely do it.
Sell excess bleach on the flea market when the prices are around 10.5k or more. (around midnight Central European Time).
Workbench :
You can buy Power Cords and craft Wires forever and always make a profit. Buy in the morning and sell in the evening for better profits (CET timezone). For even more profit, you can craft gunpowders and ammo which tend to also be ridiculously pricy at night.
Buying grenades from Peacekeeper and crafting green (Eagle) gunpowder is a good way to make a lot of money and level up Peacekeeper.
Intel Center :
You main objective is to get this one to level 3 for reduced fees and better quest rewards, but also access to the bitcoin farm at level 2.
If you need FiR for quests, craft that. When you're done craft Intel Documents at all times (buy the USB), and use it for scav case or sell for a x2 profit. ( 3x40 for USB = 120, documents sell for 250)
Bitcoin Farm :
Once you have it, spend all your money on GPU until its maxxed, then level it up even more. The BTC farm is definitely worth it. At 50GPU you need to connect every 15 hours to clic. If you can't, keep it level 2 and connect every 24 hours to clic. Even at level 1 its worth. But its much, much faster at higher levels.
From 0 to 50 GPUs it takes about 30 days to pay for itself. GPUs should not be sold until you maxxed it.
Water Collector :
Must be running at all times. Buy the components if you don't have them.
Booze Generator :
Must be running at all times. Buy the components if you don't have them.
Scav Case :
Always have it running on moonshine, and use intel documents once you're done crafting one.
Nutrition Unit :
It's not really worth crafting sugar to put in the Booze gen, as the price for chocolate is pretty much = the price of sugar. So buy the sugar instead and craft something else. I tend to craft Hot Rods when the prices are good (morning) and then use them to barter 5.45 BS Ammo with Prapor or sell for a profit.

If you do all that, you should have about 150k an hour fairly easily. Don't forget to check it between every raid.

2. Traders

Safety Score : 100%
Reward : Quite good.
Once your mom has received all the love she deserves and your hideout is taken care of, you should have max traders (traders are a requirement for most of the hideout anyway).
Traders level 4 will net you much better prices on most mods and open very good barter trades.
Buy as much as you can from barter trades. You can buy almost everything from it, and it's usually at least 25% cheaper to buy the requirements and then do the barter. Ragman4 has the CPC Armored Rig which is level 5 armor, you'll get it for about 200k instead of 250k on the flea. The Slick is also much cheaper. The Blackjack backpack is literally half priced.
You can also NOT use what you barter and just sell it back to a dealer (sometimes the same from which you bartered) for a profit as well as having 2 times the loyalty money increase (from bartering then from selling).
Another good example is buying a Recbat 14k from the market, getting an ADAR for skier, selling it to Mechanic and winning 8k just like that. You can find every single barter that nets a profit yourself and just buy-resell and you'll probably make another 100k every reset, if you really are struggling and have the patience. I personally advise to just use the equipment for yourself unless you're levelling traders, but I wouldn't go as far as buying all profitable items every reset.
Every trader at every level has good barters. You can make a full decent kit at level 1 traders for about 40k roubles on barter, instead of 90 if you buy it all. (Paca for masks, helmet for bleach, ADAR for recbatt, salewa from craft, backpack, etc. all barters)

Bleach is beautiful and is coveted in the real world for its ability to cure diseases.

3. Modding

Safety Score : 100%
Reward : Very profitable.
Don't mod out of your reach. Don't mod Meta. If money is an issue for you, having +1 ergo won't change your life.
For example,
Priced at 10k roubles
Priced at 45k Roubles

See where I'm going with this?
If you have money, sure, go for the Shift. If you wanna have fun and try, sure, go for it as well. But if you're struggling, buy 4 cobras and mod 4 guns for the price of 1% recoil which will not make you a gamer god anyway.
Also, do NOT buy mods from the flea market when you see you can buy them from traders. Look at the top of the market, if the mod is greyed out, look at the price. It means you don't have access (yet). If the price is too inflated for you, find another mod. There are always other mods. You can make 2 AKMs that have a difference of 2% recoil and 4 Ergonomics and have a 150k price difference. It's up to you. When money is the issue, this was the answer.

Note : Some guns are inherently much more expensive. Guns shooting 5.56 or 5.45 tend to be more expensive than 7.62. AKMs are VERY good budget guns. They're a bit harder to handle, but you can get a fully modded AK for 150-200k, where as you will have an entry level M4 for that price. 7.62 PS ammo is also incredibly cheap while being decent. Play 7.62 if you're struggling with money. It's not meta, but it's far more than enough, trust me. You'll rarely lose fights exclusively because you had PS ammo in an AKM. Rarely.

4. Statistical loadout balance

This is fairly simple yet overlooked a LOT. To be accurate, you need data. Personally I kept it in an excel spreadsheet, if you're hardcore you should do something similar.

A somewhat relevant spreadsheet I used a wipe ago to measure some of my stats
What you need to know about yourself for this :
These will help us measure how much you fuck up or not.
Lets make it simple.
If you have a 500k loadout and you usually extract with 100k, at 10% survival rate, that means you will spend 500k x 10 = 5.000.000 roubles over 10 raids on average, die 9 times, and earn 100k once. This very obvious example shows the loss.
Basically we're gonna try and balance that equation so that you never lose money on average. You'll have ups and downs obviously, but over a week or two, it'll smooth things out for you, like math always does in a pleasant conversation with a girl.

So what can you do to improve that equation ?

4.1 Improve survival rate

Seems simple enough, DIE LESS. You do not need to be good, smart, or special to die less. If you die a lot, do something different. If you die less, try more of that. Explore statistical advantages through different gameplay.
What can you do to die less practically? Here is a list of checkboxes you can tick depending on your money, skill, mood, or any other factor like the map and sheer luck:
Do all that, it'll give you a LOT of data to actually improve by just doing something different without really being fastestronger, just smarter.
And I repeat : you can do some of it, all of it, it depends on what you like, what you're comfortable with, and the time/investment you're putting in the game. It's okay to play at your own pace.

4.2 Reduce gear cost

The second part of our "profit equation" above is how much gear you take with you. Using previous tips, reduce that cost. Barters, cheaper mods, etc.

4.3 Increase extracted value

This one is not as tricky as it sounds. Basically there are two ways to extract with more money in the backpack :
The goal is to pay for the gear you will loose when you die while making a profit on top. That one time you extract if you have a MBSS backpack, you'll need items worth like 50k per slot to break even. If you take a tri-zip, suddenly it's only 30k per slot. If you take a blackjack and blackrock from good old ragman, suddenly it's 10k per slot. So you can break even by looting crickents and DVD players almost.
See where I'm going ? Always take a tri-zip or bigger unless you're doing something special. That way you can afford to loot shitty areas, take less risk, and survive more while having a little less value.
We'll cover that in a minute, but there are ways to loot high value items, moderate value and low value. Those have also different risk/reward.

All of those are also map specific. In woods I'll often go with a 6B3TM armored rig for 40k, no helmet, 20k headphones and a sniper rifle. Rest is pouched so does not count. That's less than 100k investment. All players tend to have low value gear so I never extract with a lot either so it balances out. But on Woods, my survival rate is 20% instead of my overall 40%. So I know it's not a map I can reliably make money on, because I measured that accurately over time. This example is very common and should make sense to you.
Same goes for interchange where I have more about 50% survival but will tend to go in with 600k worth of gear, but will also often extract with over 500k quite regularly. Different ratios, different values, different purposes.
You can measure your own data if you're willing to do so, or you can eyeball it. Eyeballing it is much faster but very inaccurate because you will tend to include emotions in the mix when you die. You'll remember losses ~2x more than your wins (that's somewhat scientifically proven), and if you're eyeballing your loadout you might think you have 600k but really you might have only 450k. I would advise to go hardcore and measure it all for price, initial loadout, losses and earnings, for each map.

5. Money runs

Now money runs are vast and numerous. All include different levels of risk and reward. It's up to you once again to find what you're willing to do for the time it takes, the fun it will give you and how much it will actually help you. You can always try them all for ~50 raids the sake of trying something different and see how your data is impacted. it doesn't have to be 50 in a row if you don't want to. As long as you keep track of it it can be over a whole wipe. You'd have your data ready for the next wipe :) Faster is better though.

5.1 Hatchling runs

Safety Score : 100%
Reward : Very Variable. Mentally exhausting.
Those are incredibly money efficient. You're investing a gear of 0 value, so whatever you extract with is 100% win, so you cannot possibly lose money that way. Is it fun? Is it rewarding? I don't care, to each is own. Statistcally speaking, hatchling runs are an efficient way to make money.
They do however require a little bit of knowledge, but not skill. You'll be much more efficient at doing these kind of runs if you know where to go, what to look for, and how to get there depending on your spawn. That being said, such knoweldge is easily found ; it's nothing complex, it just takes time to learn. Once again, depends on how much you're willing to invest (if not roubles, time).

5.2 Scav runs

Safety Score : 100%
Reward : Low-ish
Scav runs are also incredibly efficient for the same reason as hatchlings. Except those have a cooldown. Statisticall speaking I have noticed you should always run your scavs as fast as possible on the map where you extract both the fastest and most frequently.
The explanation is simple, lets make it simpler :
The scav is a button that makes you earn free money. When you press it the button becomes unpressable for some time, when you release the button you earn money (sometimes).
That means you want to release the button as often as possible. And for that, you need to release it as fast as possible. It's that simple. So make scavs incredibly fast. I'm talking "Run through" fast.
Unless you're looking for FiR items or doing something specific like annoying a streamer, you should literally run straight to the extract every single time, and loot what you have that doesn't make you go out of your way too much. Usually I suggest factory, go in, kill a random scav, loot it, get out.
Two weapons is at LEAST 50k, 100 if they have a scope. There you go. That's 100k every 20 minutes (or less with intel center). That's MUCH BETTER than going up to 150-200k but taking 30 minutes to extract, and taking more risk by spending more time in the map. Every second you're in someone can shoot. Nobody can shoot you in the hideout.
The exception to that rule is Scavs with a pilgrim which you can take on your favourite loot-run map, probably interchange or reserve. There you should just fill everything you can and extract once you're full, no matter what you have. 30 crickents and an extra gun is fine.

5.3 Stash runs

Safety Score : Very
Reward : Okay
Those are very very safe and can be done with a pistol and a backpack only. Very cheap, quite unchalleneged, for a moderate reward. Just go on a map that you like and run around and loot all stashes until you're full, then get out. You can vary the map/route depending on the traffic of players. Interchange and shoreline are good contenders for that.
It'll net you easy money. Not great money, but definitely safe.

5.4 Loot Runs

Safety Score : Moderate
Reward : Quite alright
Once you have better knowledge/skill you can start having a specific route in a specific map, depending on a specific spawn. So it'll take time to learn. Usually very similar than a hatchling run except this time you bring moderate gear and go for moderate loots. For example, instead of going for fast techlight, in-and-out interchange, you can decide "alright I'll loot 100% of Oli and the computers in the back", it'll take time, but it'll make good loot. More money than stashes, definitely will see scavs to kill, and most probably some more pvp. More risk. If you win that PvP you have even more loot as well. But overall good reward.
Loot runs need to be "scheduled" and thought of after several tries, so you know how much you can take per person depending on backpack size. For example you can't say "lets loot oli" if you have a 5-man with blackjacks, you'll all be empty. Adapt.

5.4 PvP

Safety Score : Insane
Reward : Unreliably moderate
This one is pretty obvious. Very risky, unpredictable rewards. Usually better than loot runs when you survive. I won't elaborate on this, because if you're reading this far you're probably struggling in PvP. And the rest of this guide already covers a fair bit.

6. Insurance

Safety Score : "Meh"
Reward : Very profitable.
Now this is very, very important. Always insure your gear. Always.
If you die you will get stuff back, pretty much for free. If you're really struggling people won't loot your "trash", so you WILL get it back.
If you play in a group it's very likely that people will hide your stuff too.
And most importantly : you can insurance fraud. This is the best way to balance the equation we talked about earlier. If you find a decent-ish gun, replace yours. You drop your initial investment by a significant margin, you will definitely get it back, and if you extract it's a flat profit. Weapons don't take inventory slot, so if you have two weapons that are not yours initially they will usually pay for your whole gear. I have quite often left my super-mega-modded HK just for an average M4 or other weapon that I can fight with, just so I can reduce my investment by 350k and up my reward by like 200k instantly. Replace your headphones all the time too, that's an easy -30+30k, same with helmets. even if it's a bit broken or slightly worse.
If you're struggling with money, try to leave every raid with at least 3-4 pars of your equipment that aren't yours initially.
But value the risk behind this. I won't leave my slick for a Paca at the third minute of a raid just to have that extra 28k. I won't leave my meta-modded HK for a naked mosin. But if it seems decent/doable, do it. It will pay off. Because even if you die, you still get your shit back, and gun is usually the most expensive part of the gear.

7. Final notes

It's all about balance. Find what works *for you* and try shit out. Really, try. You'll die, you'll learn, you'll adapt with data to back that up. I find it crazy that people will die and not try to learn from it. That's how you will improve as a player.
First you gotta get smarter, then you'll get better. And with time, skill, mechanics, gamesense, all that will improve on the side. Earning more will snowball in your favour. And if you know you're statistically okay, you will have a much smaller gear fear and enjoy the game more.

Sorry for the wall of text, you guys should be used to it with me by now :D I made these guides in video but not in english, so here I am typing it all for you guys.
Enjoy :)
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First Contact - 281 - TOTAL WAR (TerraSol)

[first] [prev] [next]
The It Tastes Sweet had been rebuilt from the partially destroyed ship that had made a desperate run through hyperspace with multiple hull breaches. Chrome warsteel glittered across the ship's hull, strong lights to make it glimmer in space, six heavy jumpspace engines with a primary and secondary jump core. Upgraded particle shields, debris shields, and battle-screens. The weaponry it had never carried had been replaced with modern 'civilian' grade weapons so that the ship would never be unarmed in a hostile universe again. It boasted a primary medical as well as secondary and emergency now, one of the cargo holds having been converted. The computers were twice as fast, they now had eVI hash creches attached to provide assistance.
Nakteti had to admit she loved it. There was no trace of the violent Precursor attack that had resulted in her meeting an Immortal, the First and Last of his kind, and making it all the way to TerraSol.
She stood on the bridge next to her command couch, one hand on the back of the armored crash cradle, and watched as her crew, reformed after the hideous losses they had taken, took the Sweet out of the docking cradle and slowly moved it out.
"Time to Terra?" Nakteti asked. Normally it would have taken two to three days to travel the roughly forty-five million miles with her old sublight drive but her new one had a good cruising speed. The 'speed limit' inside TerraSol was limited to different orbital bands, so she wasn't quite sure.
"Six hours, Captain," her pilot, Lektat, said. He had originally been a navigator and assistant pilot back when they'd been attacked, but his performance under Precursor attack had been the main reason they had survived.
"Course set, Captain. Sol Stellar Control has verified our flight plan, including emergency protocols," her navigator, Ulamanti said. Another one of the crew who had survived the desperate flight from the Precursor machine. She had lost a leg, but the Terrans had replaced it with a cloned on grown from Ulamanti's very own DNA. Ulamanti had elected to keep a thick scar all the way around her leg, visible through her fur, as a reminder of her luck in surviving.
"As soon as Anvil Central give us clearance, engage the main engines," Nakteti ordered. "We'll be back to Terra by dinner."
It made Nakteti shake her head. She knew they could do it faster, but there was so much traffic around Sol that her ship had been required to file a flight plan.
"You all right?" Major Carnight asked Nakteti, watching her hold onto the back of her seat with the lower pair of her four hands, her 'gripping hands'. His eyes had been red for the last few weeks and Nakteti knew he had spent almost double his normal amount of time in the gym.
Nakteti nodded, smiling. "It is good to have the Sweet rebuilt. I cannot wait to show my mother my beautiful Sweet."
Major Carnight tapped his fingers on the thigh of his armored vac-suit. "I think your mother will appreciate it."
"Pfft, she'll appreciate the holodeck even more," she snorted.
Her mother, Matron Sangbre, had rapidly become a fan of Terran movies, a thing that seemed to wasteful for the Unified Civilized Council races to bother with. Her whole crew had learned to enjoy them and Nakteti had to admit they were a wonderful invention.
Nakteti moved over and settled into her crash couch, feeling the restraints auto-lock in. It was designed for her four armed body, with seven points of attachment to the center buckle. The cushioning of the armored captain's seat adjusted to her quickly.
Six hours between two major planets, she thought, shaking her head again. And this is intra-system 'safe' speeds for a high traffic area.
"Anvil Central, Captain. They say we can light our engines and wish us a safe journey," Ulamanti said.
"Engage," Nakteti said. She tensed slightly, knowing the engines had been tested after being built by the Hate Anvils of Mars, but this was the big test. She clutched her command stick tightly with all four hands as Lektat counted down.
"Engines engaged, increasing power to 8%," Lektat stated.
There was no sense of change.
"Is it working?" Nakteti asked. "I don't feel anything."
"We're accellerating quite rapidly," Ulamanti said.
"Captain Nakteti?" came over her link. It was Taltek, their drive engineer.
"Yes, Taltek?" Nakteti said.
"Jump drive is online. Checks came back green across the board. Primary and backup jumpcores are all within tolerances," the engineer said. "Our sublight drives are all well within tolerances and easy kicking."
"How's the FIDO working out?" Nakteti asked.
"Just fine. He's over there sniffing around one of the new drives, checking for particle leakages. Engineering out," the link closed.
Nakteti had followed advice and purchased a FIDO, a cybernetic assistant and companion, an intelligent canine brain attached to a robotic body. They excelled at search and rescue, crew relaxation, and helping with engineering.
Nakteti smiled at the fact that Hlenkut, the ship's doctor and another survivor of the initial attack, had ensured she had two 'six packs' of purrbois, which were feline brains connected to a cybernetic body, for disaster and stress relief.
Nakteti opened her mouth to ask how the sensors were working when Ulmanti suddenly sat straight up, dropping her gripping stick. She reached out and slapped a big red button. The lights went red and an alarm started to wail as the ship went to Action Stations.
"Message from Sol System Astro Control!" Ulmanti barked out. "All ships bulletin!"
"What is it?" Nakteti said, feeling her gut clench.
Precursors? Here? Or the Mar-gite are back? she wondered.
"Go immediately to superluminal drive! Follow emergency plan Omaha," Ulamanti said. "Running astrogation now!"
Nakteti frowned. "Omaha? I don't remember filing a plan Omaha."
Nakteti heard a sharp intake of breath and looked at Major Carnight.
The big Terran Space Force officer had gone pale, one hand dropping to his pistol on his hip. "TerraSol is being invaded by enemy forces in strength," his voice sounded sick.
"Course locked!" Lektat said. "Ma'am, hyperdrive or jumpdrive?"
Nakteti looked at Major Carnight.
"Hyperspace," the big Terran said, his voice sounding shocked.
"Running hyperjump solutions," Ulamanti said.
"Sol Astro Control is ordering all ships to go to lightspeed ASAP," Ulamanti said.
"Going to lightspeed as soon as you get the computations finished," Nakteti said.
"My God," one of her bridge crew said softly, looking at his control panel. It was Laminati, who was a former point defense gunner who's main task had been popping any asteroids too big for the shields to handle. He looked up, his hands clenched tightly on the bar in front of his panel. "My targeting system crashed after it counted over a million point sources heading in system."
"Computations fini-" Ulamanti said.
"Engaging hyperdrive!" Lektat snapped.
Everything stopped. Froze. Nakteti felt like she could see outside of herself, like her view swooped around her own body as everything stopped. Even the lights froze, sparkling in her vision.
The fractured second broke and the ship hummed as the hyperdrive carried the ship through a dimension that the speed of light was a thousands of times higher.
"We're in hyperspace, Captain," Ulamanti said softly.
"Engineering here, Captain," Taltek said.
"Go ahead, Taltek," Nakteti said.
"Any particular reason we're running an unscheduled test on the hyperdrive?" he asked, his voice cold with barely repressed anger.
"Sol System Astro Control ordered all ships out of the system," Nakteti answered.
"What? Why?" the engineer asked.
"They were under attack. Before we jumped to hyperspace Laminati said his board crashed at over a million incoming ships," Nakteti said. "My apologies for not warning you."
Taltek gave a harsh bark of laughter. "I think we'll all survive, Captain. The hyperdrive is working just fine, FIDO is happy with it. How long will we be in hyperspace?"
"Ulamanti, how long are we to remain in hyperdrive?" Nakteti asked.
Ulamanti checked the Case Omaha file that had been transmitted to her from Sol System Astro Control. "Twelve hours or until forced to drop out."
Nakteti relayed the information.
"We'll be two hundred light years out by that time," Taltek said. "All right, we'll keep an eye on things down here."
"Major Carnight?" Laminati asked.
"Yes?" The Major's voice was cold, remote.
"Why didn't we stay to fight? We have weapons," Laminati said. "We have a three barrel near C velocity cannon now."
"Don't take this wrong, but you have civilian armaments and shielding. What's about to happen could kill you just being in the region," Major Carnight said. "Terran Defense Force will tear apart space-time to defend Terra."
Laminati thought about how helpless he'd been when the Precursor attacked, and how one ship had taken on that massive robotic vessel and apparently won.
"But I thank you for your desire to help defend TerraSol," Major Carnight said. He closed his eyes and took a deep heaving breath. "Believe me, I want to go back in, guns blazing, with every fiber of my being, but my first responsibility is to you and this ship's crew."
"And we than you for that, Major," Nakteti said, settling back in her captain's crash couch. She waved at the assistant gunnery cradle. "Why don't you take a seat. It's going to be a while before we stop and figure out what's going on."
Major Carnight nodded, moving over and sitting down. Again, Nakteti noted those burning red eyes and the slight facial tic.
The ship had been underway for almost two hours when it suddenly dropped from hyperspace, alarms wailing.
"What happened?" Nakteti demanded. She opened a channel. "Engineering, is everyone all right down there?"
'Grav pulse, I think," Talktek said. Nakteti could hear the high pitched sound of one of the FIDOs talking. "FIDO Two says it was some kind grav-pulse coming from behind us, probably dumped every ship in hyperspace or jumpspace out and back into realspace for a hundred or two hundred light years."
"Any damage to the hyperdrive or jumpdrives?" Nakteti said, suddenly anxious.
"No," Talktek said. "Still we've gotta discharge the core and run diagnostics before I can say for absolute."
"All right. Let me know when you're done," Nakteti said. She looked at her bridge crew. "Take us down to General Quarters. Get everyone a meal and some rest time," she looked at Major Carnight. "Do you know why this might have happened?"
Major Carnight nodded. "If the enemy seems to be relying on multiple reinforcements, we have ways of disrupting that," he said.
Nakteti waited a moment, but he didn't elaborate.
Nakteti sighed. "Well, Major, as my crew and some of my people have been your guests for the last year or so, allow me to extend the hospitality of the Tnvaru people to yourself and the Terran engineers aboard the Sweet."
"Thank you, Captain," Major Carnight said.
Nakteti tried to relax.
And not think of her mother and the hundreds of thousands of Tnvaru refugees still on Terra.
On the unmanned communication officer's panel two words kept flashing over and over.
The Combined Rigel System was, to put a bluntly, an astrophysical mess.
Multiple stellar masses orbiting each other and a localized gravity anomaly, dozens of planets -some of which swapped which stars they orbited every century or so-, gravity sheers, and spacial distortions.
Hyperspace normally allowed ships to penetrate deep into a gravity well with the right angle and computations, coming out only near a planetary gravity well or within too close to a star.
Not Rigel.
Rigel had a 'band' where gravitational stress prevented any ships from travelling jumpspace, hyperspace, or even a few other of the superluminal drive spaces. It extended out from nine days from the combined 'gravity center' of the system in a thick band nearly a light month thick around the Combined Rigel System. Anyone familiar with the Combined Rigellian System knew it was going to take an three or four months of travel just to get in from the Oort Cloud.
The massive gravity shadow of the anomaly meant that only subspace drives could be used within the Combined Rigel System, with a maximum speed of .7C before the anomaly began exerting gravitational pull upon the object in direct proportion to the speed of the object.
The Lanaktallan Corporate Fleet dropped from jumpspace to realspace with a half million ships.
And discovered they were over a light month from the edge of the system.
They immediately tried to jump forward into jumpspace, overrriding their systems.
Which was just a fancy way of committing very obvious suicide.
A third of the ships crushed against empty space like a beer can against a Vodkatrog Cyborg's forehead. Another third were smeared like fine jelly across the thin atomic layers. The other third changed their minds and began moving forward with sublight drives.
Several hours passed and the Unified Military Council Fleet arrived with nearly a million vessels. They too discovered that attempting to get closer with superluminal drive was useless and sullenly began heading into the system with sublight drives.
Two hours later the Executor Fleet dropped. Three hours after that the Combined Fleet dropped.
They all slowly began to cross the gravity band, almost seeming to sulk.
It might take longer than expected, but the Rigellians weren't going anywhere.
On Rigel it was decided that the fleet was Lanaktallan and had come in the name of war.
Anyone could have told the Lanaktallan how protective Rigellian females, those muscular greenish-gray bipedal reptiles, could be about their ducks and ducklings.
They closed The Bag.
The gravitational forces surging across The Band ripped apart the Lanaktallan ships as The Band, that month wide stretch of gravitational force, went crazy.
Then all there was in space was spreading debris and the shadow of The Rigellian Anomaly.
Ba'ahn Ya'ahrd stared at the screen, all six eyes opened wide and his tendrils curled. TerraSol News Association was reporting that millions of Lanaktallan combat vessels were flooding into the system. That fighting was heavy as the Lanaktallan ships drove deep into the empty space of the Sol System in the hopes of avoiding the majority of the planetary based defenses.
Smokey Cone was a world of trees, dusty plains, and a cool red sun.
As well as to twelve billion Treana'ad.
The Treana'ad were considered a silly people in many ways. They enjoyed their ice cream, their smoking, and the males very much enjoyed not having their heads eaten. Over eight thousand years since the end of the War of Terran Aggression had brought such changes to Treana'ad society that anyone from back then would barely recognize it.
They still did not flinch from violence. They were the second most numerous species in Space Force, after the Terrans themselves. They were admirals, ship captains, infantry, robot combat pilots, tankers, even aerospace pilots. Many of them carried names of Terrans that their ancestors had served with during the various wars they faced together. Some even adopted Terran orphans.
When the first Lanaktallan wave dropped in system they did not fear.
They were the Treana'ad People. They had won over a fifth of all engagements against the universe's apex predator. (And they planned on riding that statistic to the heat death of the universe. They had even erected a great warsteel obelisk proclaiming that fact in the space between stars to let everyone who came later know that they, the Treana'ad People, had won over a fifth of their fights against the Terrans) They had even wrested away two planetary systems from the Terrans and held them until they were traded back in the Treaty of Matron Mi'Luki.
When the second wave came in before even a tenth of the first wave had been eliminated, their leaders, wise Hive Queens, had given the order.
Close The Bag.
They would destroy the Lanaktallan by denying them reinforcement. Their 'unending tide' was a strategy that the Treana'ad had relied upon early in their history.
And while war never changes...
...tactics do.
The third and fourth Lanaktallan Waves found themselves entering realspace in the grip of singularities that tore them apart without any notice of their existence.
Inside, Smoky Cone went to war.
The Mantids were a nervous people. Eight thousand years seems a long time, but when weighed against a history that vanished into the mists of time over a hundred million years ago, it was an eyeblink.
The Mantid people had been free for such a short time. Free from the Speakers, the Warriors, the Queens, their minds and actions their own.
The Lanaktallan First Wave knew they'd force the Mantid to reveal their Speakers and their Warriors. That the Mantid had fought in the same way they had fought a hundred million years ago when the Great Herd had beaten them before.
The First Wave of Mantid Prime held more troopships than any first wave of any of the other attacks.
The Lanaktallan knew they would crush the Mantid, just as they had crushed them before and forced them to flee. The Most Highs couldn't wait to feel Mantid carapaces crush and crackle beneath their hooves. Their minds full of past combats against the Lanaktallans by War Stallions they urged their fleets to drive into the systems.
The Mantid suddenly understood the words of their seers.
They closed The Bag.
The black mantid got their guns and body armor.
The green mantid joined them.
And Space Force, which was comprised of more than just the Mantid, engaged the suddenly cut off enemy.
The Mantid people prized the fact that they were not the Mantid of epochs past.
They had allies. Partners.
Big, hulking, primate partners.
The battle for Mantid Prime was joined.
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[H] HB/Fanatical keys leftovers [W] Paypal

Steam Profile

Humble Bundle Keys

Fanatical/Green Man Gaming Steam Keys

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[USA - UT] [H] Massive pile of games, guides, accessories, collectibles, and more; great stuff for DS, 3DS, Dreamcast, GB, GameCube, N64, NES, PC, PS1/2/3, PSP, SNES, Wii, Wii U, Xbox OG/360/One [W] PayPal. All sales help raise money for a family member battling cancer.

Please see newest post.
HELLO ONCE AGAIN!! I have returned to continue offloading my game collection in to raise money for a family member battling cancer. We already owe a huge thank you to the many amazing people in this sub; your purchases have been a tremendous help. Also want to extend a thank you to the mods that keep this place running. Selling here has been an amazing experience, circumstances notwithstanding.
PLEASE THOROUGHLY READ the item notes, if applicable. All games are CiB unless noted and all items are coming from a smoke-free home. I did my best to note any issues like missing content or damage. I can add photos for an item once interest is expressed, but please be patient as responding to comments and adding photos will take time. Ask any questions! I am even open for some trading as there are many titles my friends desire and will gladly purchase from me.
DO NOT SEND A MESSAGE WITHOUT FIRST COMMENTING. It's sub policy and is meant to protect all of us. Plus it helps me best respond to comments in order received.
REGARDING PRICE: Per sub rules, I am required to list a price. However, I had so many items to catalog with limited time available each day for price research. I did my best to factor in the condition and rarity, but I am certain my pricing is off with many items. If you see anything that is severely oveunder priced, please let me know; I won’t consider it threadcrapping as long as you’re polite about it (though I have no control over how the mods feel). If you are interested in an item with a bad price, then please make an offer; I am sure we can agree on a price that will leave both parties happy. I’m here to help a family member, not run a business.
REGARDING SHIPPING: Extended shipping times and delays are to be expected due to the current pandemic. Also, please indicate if you desire a faster shipping rate and/or insurance.
DOUBLE CHECK YOUR PAYPAL ADDRESS. Make sure the address on your account matches the address you want items shipped to. Helps avoid shipping to the incorrect location.
COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE! Please let me know if you're no longer interested in something so it can go to the next interested party. If at least 24 hours have passed with no response then I may sell the items to someone else. I'm flexible and am willing to work with any reasonable requests as long as you openly communicate.
My confirmed trade thread.
Thank you all! Oh, and f*ck cancer.


Item Price Note
Bejeweled Twist $4 Cartridge only
Brain Age $3 Cartridge only
Brain Age 2 $3 Cartridge only
Crosswords DS $3 Cartridge only
Ener-G Gym Rockets $2 Cartridge only
Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming $6 NO GAME; case, manual, and inserts only
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa $3 Cartridge only
My Baby Girl $5 Cartridge only
New Super Mario Bros. $12 Cartridge only
Nintendo DS Browser $9 DS Lite only version
Nintendo DS Browser $6 DS Lite only version; cartridges only
Petz Nursery FREE Cartridge only; European version; free to whomever is willing to pay for shipping cost and materials
Petz Nursery $3 Cartridge only
Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney $22
Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney: Justice for All $17
Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations $20 OBJECTION!
Professional Fisherman's Tour $3 Cartridge only
Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood $20
The Lord of the Rings: Conquest $15
Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble $30
Wild Petz Dolphinz $2 Cartridge only
Xia-Xia $2 Cartridge only


Item Price Note
New 3DS XL $300 Majora's Mask Limited Edition; CIB; 3DS is in mint condition and was only played once for a few minutes to try out Smash Bros; the box is torn on the back from someone attempting to steal it (long story), but the box is in fantastic shape on the front and sides; includes a universal USB charger that can also charge a DS Lite
Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars $7 Cartridge only
Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance $60 Mark of Mastery Edition; the protector case shows signs of use
Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games $8
Project X Zone $45 Limited Edition; factory sealed
Project X Zone 2 $23 Factory sealed
Scribblenauts Unlimited $7
Super Smash Bros. for 3DS $17 Only played once for a few minutes
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D $90 Limited Edition; factory sealed
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call $15 Limited Edition
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call $7


Game Price Note
Evolution: The World of Sacred Device $23 Inside a replacement case as the original was cracked; the original case can be provided on request

Game Boy

Item Price Note
Conker's Pocket Tales $12 Cartridge only
Game Boy Color travel case with accessories $35 MadCatz; case has pockets to hold various accessories and 8 games; includes the transfer cable, screen magnifier (with light), joystick, speakers, and the comfort grip with rechargeable batteries (and its charger and splitter cable); not sure if the batteries are good after all these years, but ironically you cannot use the grip and the speakers at the same time and I definitely preferred the speakers.
Game Boy ColoPocket transfer cable $9 Official Nintendo model CGB-003
Game Boy ColoPocket transfer cable $11 Official Nintendo model CGB-003 with a DMG-14 adapter at one end to allow connection between the original Game Boy to the ColoPocket
Game Boy ColoPocket transfer cable $7 Nyko; universal and allows communication between any combination of Game Boy and ColoPocket
Game Boy ColoPocket travel case $15 Official Nintendo Pokémon branded with Pikachu; still has the shoulder strap
Game Boy game plastic clamshell protector $2 Official Nintendo; protects your GB cartridge when you wanna travel; clear colored; have 6 in stock
GameShark for Game Boy $13 Works in Game Boy and Pocket; can technically use it on the Color, but it's a bit testy due to the battery compartment pushing the game out a bit; label is peeling; includes a Pokémon code book
HandyPak Color $12 This isn't even my final form! Game Boy Color accessory from InterAct; magnifier, speakers, night light, and joystick all in one.
Metroid II: Return of Samus $20 Cartridge only
Pokémon Gold $22 Cartridge only
Pokémon: Trading Card Game $14 Cartridge only
Star Wars $9 Cartridge only; Player's Choice
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back $13 Cartridge only
Wario Blast - Featuring Bomberman $11 Cartridge only


Item Price Note
Action Replay for GameCube $35 Disc only
Batallion Wars $30
Luigi's Mansion $52
Metroid Prime $10 Disc only
Metroid Prime GameCube game travel case $11 Official 12-disc zippered carrying case
Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II $60 Back of the insert is wavy like it was exposed to moisture; could be easily flattened with an iron and some patience
Resident Evil $15
Resident Evil 2 $85
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis $85 STAAARS!!!
Sonic Gems Collection $35
Super Mario Sunshine $49 Disc only
The Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition $70
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Master Quest $35 Disc only
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker $55


Item Price Note
Castlevania $25 Cartridge only
Double Dragon III $13 Cartridge only
Double Dribble $5 Cartridge only
Flight of the Intruder $10 Cartridge only
Galaga: Demons of Death $14 Cartridge only
Gumshoe $13 5 screw version; cartridge only; has an old price label on the front that could be easily removed
King's Knight $8 Cartridge only
Little Nemo: Dream Master $10 Cartridge only
NES Advantage Controller $20 Official Nintendo
NES Controller $10 Official Nintendo
NES Controller $6 Hyperkin Tomee; purchased brand new and only used for maybe an hour; I couldn't find my official ones at the time and needed them for a project
NES game plastic clamshell protectors $2 Hard plastic cases to protect NES games; I believe these were officially produced by Nintendo in the 80's/90's; I have 6 5 blue, 2 white, 2 1 pink, and 3 2 purple in stock
Mike Tyson's Punch Out $28 Cartridge only
Super Mario Bros. $9 Cartridge only
Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt $10 Cartridge only
Super Mario Bros. 2 $20 Cartridge only
Super Mario Bros. 3 $14 Cartridge only
WWF Wrestlemania $6 Cartridge only

Nintendo 64

Item Price Note
Bust a Move '99 $30 Includes, game, box, and manual; box has creases from being flattened and some tears on the tabs; could be corrected by a patient collector with an iron; also includes a copy of the manual from the video rental store that used to own it; fun fact: Blockbuster was sued by Nintendo because they did the same thing, forcing them to create their own instruction manuals for game rentals
Castlevania $55 Includes game, box, manual, and Konami postcard; small crease on top of box; manual has some creases but they look like they could be ironed flat; cartridge is in great shape; this is the kind of shape you'd put into a plastic protector and display
Command & Conquer $19 Game and box only; cartridge is in good shape; box has creases from being flattened; could be corrected by a patient collector with an iron; fun fact: game has exclusive cutscenes and missions not included in the original PC version; those levels and scenes are being added to the upcoming remaster
Command & Conquer $8 Cartridge only; has Blockbuster labels and security sticker
Duke Nukem 64 $21 Cartridge only; sticker on the back label and a scuff
Duke Nukem: Zero Hour $45 Includes game, box, manual; small crease on top of box; small inventory labels on the box that could be safely removed with the right cleaner; manual has some bent corners but they look like they could be ironed flat; cartridge is in great shape; overall condition: kicks ass and chews bubblegum; stick this one in a plastic protector for display
Nintendo 64 Game Boy Transfer Pak $15 Official Nintendo; Model NUS-019
Perfect Dark $14 Cartridge only; some scuffs on the Rareware logo
Pokémon Puzzle League $40 Includes game, box, and manual; box has tears, tape, and a sticker from the rental shop that used to own it; manual is in good shape; cartridge is in amazing shape
Pokémon Stadium $109 Includes the box, manual, and Game Boy transfer pak; box is in great shape, but has damage from when the sealing stickers were removed
Rayman 2: The Great Escape $19 Cartridge only; back has a price label that could probably be removed with a little heat and the right cleaner
Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire $35 Box and cartridge only; box has some creases but is in ready-to-display shape
The New Tetris $40 Includes box, game, manual, and other doc inserts; box has some scuffs and freys, but still good enough to put on display; one of the inner tabs is torn; cartridge is in great shape, but the front and back labels have stickers from the rental shop that owned it; labels could be removed with the right cleaners and patience, or left on as-is if you just wanna put this on display
Turok 2: Seeds of Evil $4 Cartridge only; has Blockbuster labels on the back and their engraving on the front


Game Price Note
Descent 3: Mercenaries $1 Disc only
Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna $8 Sleeve with the 3 discs
Starcraft: Brood War $1 Case, manual, and inserts only; no game disc; looks like it still has a product key for Starcraft and the expansion


Item Price Note
PSOne Combo $500 Factory sealed SCPH-141; combo pack that includes the white slim PSOne (SCPH-101) Sony LCD Screen (SCPH-131)
Brigandine: The Legend of Forsena $130 No manual; case has some cracks
Car and Driver Presents: Grand Tour Racing '98 $4 Case has crack on front
Chrono Cross $15 No manual; case has some cracks
Coedebreaker for PS1 $20 Disc only; Version 3
Crash Bandicoot $22 Green label
Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back $12 Green label
Crash Bandicoot: Warped $15 Holo cover
Final Fantasy Anthology $17 Green label; great shape
Final Fantasy IX $21 Front of case has a crack
Final Fantasy Origins $25 Great shape
Final Fantasy VII $45 Crack on front of case
Final Fantasy VIII $15 No manual
Gran Turismo $12
Gran Turismo $11 Crack on case
Grand Theft Auto $15 Includes map
Grand Theft Auto 2 $15 Inside a replacement case as the original was cracked; the original case can be provided on request
Grand Theft Auto Mission Pack #1: London 1969 $15 Collector's Edition; includes map
Metal Gear Solid $22 Green label
Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions $14 Crack on back of case
Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero $30
Parasite Eve $30 Missing manual; missing bonus disc; cracks on back of case
PlayStation 1 Dualshock Controller $13 Official Sony model SCPH-1200
PlayStation 1 Memory Card $10 Official Sony model SCPH-1020; I have two one in stock, one grey and one clear emerald
PlayStation 1 Original Controller $10 Official Sony original model SCPH-1080
PlayStation controller extension cord $5 Designed for PS1, but I think it also works for PS2 controllers
Rally Cross $8
Resident Evil 2 $38
Resident Evil Survivor $46 Inside a replacement case as the original was cracked; the original case can be provided on request
Road Rash $21 Insert and disc in good shape; case is rough and will need to be replaced
Silent Hill $55 Disc only
Soul Blade $15 Green label
Star Ocean: The Second Story $20 No manual; front of case has a big crack
The Legend of Dragoon $30 No manual; crack on front of case
Tomb Raider $20
Tomb Raider II $10

PlayStation 2

Item Price Note
Amplitude $7 Missing the manual; disc has light scratches that are easily repaired
Chaos Wars $17
Fatal Frame III: The Tormented $50
Final Fantasy XII $12 Collector's Edition
Frequency $9
God Hand $125
Gradius V $60
Grandia III $25 I think the game is in a non-original case; price reduced
Growlanser: Heritage of War $95 Limited Edition; factory sealed
Half-Life $50
Haunting Ground $300
Katamari Damacy $10 Disc has minor scratches; easily repaired
Kingdom Hearts II $10 Shiny insert
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2 $13 Scuffs on case; disc, insert, and manual are fine
Odin Sphere $19
Oni $12 Some damage to the front of the case; everything else in great shape; unsure if this is the original case, but it is PS2 branded
PlayStation 2 8MB Memory Card $8 Official Sony SCPH-10020; clear red color
Project Eden $8
Rygar $6 Minor scuff on front of case; disc has light scratches that are easily repaired
Soul Calibur III $15 Includes bonus demo disc
Space Channel 5: Special Edition $20
Stella Deus: The Gate of Eternity $30 Disc has minor scratches; easily repaired
Stretch Panic $19 Minor scuff on front of case
Tales of the Abyss $30
Twisted Metal: Head On $17 Includes the art book

PlayStation 3

Game Price Note
Beyond: Two Souls $10 Steelbook edition
Final Fantasy X X-2 HD Remaster $25 Limited Edition; factory sealed
God of War: Ascension $23 Factory sealed
Heavenly Sword $12
Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk 2 $90 Limited edition; outer wrap was removed but game and contents inside never opened
Infamous 2 $35 Hero Edition
Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix $10 Limited Edition
Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix $30 Limited Edition; factory sealed
LittleBigPlanet $8
LittleBigPlanet 2 $10
Metal Gear Solid 4 $30 Limited Edition
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 $55 Collector's Edition
PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale $7
Resistance 2 $28 Collector's Edition
Resistance: Fall of Man $8
Tales of Symphonia Chronicles $130 Collector's Edition; factory sealed
The Last of Us $13
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves $40 Factory sealed; mine is a first-print black label which appears to up the value? Maybe someone can shed light on this
Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception $35 Collector's Edition
Valkyria Chronicles $13 Factory sealed
White Knight Chronicles II $15

PSP (in comments)

SNES (in comments)

Wii (in comments)

Wii U (in comments)

Xbox (in comments)

Xbox 360 (2 parts in comments)

Xbox One (in comments)

Strategy Guides (3 parts in comments)

Movies & TV Shows (in comments)

Amiibos (in comments)

Additional Accessories, Collectibles, Misc. (3 parts in comments)

Still have a lot of stuff...
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I’m 34 years old and will make $184,000 this year (total HHI approx. $220k), live in Boston, MA and work as a self-employed Informatics Consultant

Section One: Assets and Debt

General household background: My husband (T) and I got married last year and haven’t fully combined our finances. We have a joint savings and a joint credit card for shared expenses. We each have separate personal and business accounts. When we met, I made much less than him and six years later, I make much more but I came to our relationship with a ton of student loan debt and embarrassingly bad credit. He had zero debt and very strong credit. There have been times through the years when we each prop the other up financially. We have also both been with abusive, manipulative people in the past that made very irresponsible financial decisions, so we are probably slower to go fully combined than many other couples.
For the purposes of this MD, I am including T in some places because our habits do have an effect on the other, but he is responsible for his own accounts and I won't include his expenditures that affect his personal or business accounts. He maintains his own emergency savings and as of today, I am the only one saving for retirement. We will both contribute once we buy a house.
My pre-tax income: Approx. $288,000/year, but since I changed jobs this year and took time off between jobs, my income in 2020 will be more like $184,000 – I’m a fully independent 1099 contractor charging $160/hr for my consulting services and aim for a 12-month invoiced average of $24,000/mo.
T’s pre-tax income: Approx $36,000 this year– he works in the restaurant industry and was furloughed in March due to the pandemic. He’s gotten creative this year to keep himself busy and keep some money coming in.
SEP IRA: $12,280 - The bulk of this is rolled over from my last employer's 401K account. I have prioritized student loan debt repayment, house down payment and emergency savings for now. These are almost met so I will get aggressive with contributions here soon.
Emergency savings balance: $16,106 – contributing to this until I get to $30k; the balance was at $20k and then I depleted this down to $8.5k while I had no income for 3 months earlier this year
Joint HYSA: $63,064 – This is the account earmarked for a house down payment. We have contributed $48k to this between the two of us. T's parents gave us a $20k wedding gift and we used $5k to pay off the last of my >7% student loans and the other $15k is in here.
Checking account balance: $20,928 – All of my accounts are tied to this one and there’s more “slush money” in here than usual at the time of writing this. I maintain $3,000 in this account as my "spending money". This week I transferred my "income" from my business account, which is why it's so high. My auto-payments, savings, credit card payments, etc. all come out of here.
Investment account: $5,222 – Opened a Betterment account with high-risk asset allocation last year mostly as an experiment. I would like to contribute more once the house is purchased.
RSAs: I have 5,000 shares from one of the companies I consult with that I started working with when they were still incubating. These will fully vest in January next year. I do not include this in financial planning as it may amount to nothing.
Life Insurance: $200,000 - 20-year term policy (not counted in my Net Worth). I got this after college to protect my student loan co-signer. Even though I now owe far less in loans, I keep my mom as my primary beneficiary because she is likely to need financial assistance in retirement, and if I am alive I will help, but if something happens to me, she'll get this. That peace of mind, for me, is everything.
Business savings account: $39,900 – I think of this money like it doesn’t exist and don’t factor it into my Net Worth calculation. This is 35% of every invoice that I put aside for all of my estimated income and employment taxes. I’ll feel a lot better next year when I figure out what my tax burden is. If I don’t use all of this, I’ll be pleasantly surprised and I’ll put it directly into savings in some form.
Business checking account: $2,000 – This account exists as my central business account, to auto-pay my business credit card in full and to receive payments from customers.
Credit card debt: $0 - Paid in full weekly.
Student loan debt: $56,966 - Graduated with a life science degree and $130,000 in debt
Car: $3,000 approx. - 8 year old car, fully owned and bought with cash. KBB is actually more than this value but I don't plan to replace this car for a while, so I'm estimating what I think it could be worth when I sell it to upgrade.
Net worth: $65,634 (including the joint savings account)

Section Two: Income

Main Job Monthly Take Home: $15,600 - Average expected transfer from business account to personal account after I take out taxes

Section Three: Expenses

Rent: $1,100 - $2,200 total, split equally with T. We have a large two-bedroom in the Camberville area. This includes laundry, heat, hot water, and gas.
Emergency savings contribution: $2,000
HYSA contribution: $3,000
Student loan payment: $3,000 - Includes overpayment; minimum is $601
SEP IRA contribution: $1,000
Health insurance: $470
Dental insurance: $21
Car insurance: $94
Other car expenses (gas, oil changes): $25 - Average of last 6 mo, WAY down because I left my commuter job and I now work from home most of the time. I expect this to stay low for a while.
On-street parking pass: $40 - Annual
Rental insurance: $13
Life insurance: $11
Electric: $37 - My half; average of last 12 mo
WiFi/Cable + HBO: $60 - My equal half
Cell phone: $89 - My half; we combined separate carrier plans to a family plan last year and replaced T's awful phone and upgraded mine using a BOGO deal and that is included - interest free - in the monthly payment
Cat: $86 - Average of last 6 mo, doesn't fluctuate much. Annual vet visit is $85. No insurance. T has a dog he brought into the relationship and he covers all expenses for him.
Physical therapy: $137.50 - Bought in packages of 8 ($1,100) for a discount off single-visit prices. I have a monthly appointment.
Personal care: $152 - Average of last 6 mo
Groceries: $70 - Average of last 6 mo. My half.
Dining out/delivery: $151 - Average of last 6 mo. My half.
Donations and gifts: $200 - I pick different orgs for this. This month will be METAvivor to support breast cancer research.
Subscriptions: $199 - Netflix ($13), Hulu ($6), Spotify Premium ($10), iCloud storage ($3), PlayStation Network ($60/yr), Adobe Creative Suite ($11); VSCO ($20/yr); QuickBooks ($12.50), Rent the Runway ($139)

Money Diary:

Sunday - $125.63
10:00am - Wake up, peek at my Apple Watch - basically just my alarm and sleep/fitness tracker at this point. Very happy I was able to sleep late. Text with some friends, check in on a cell phone game I play (Covet Fashion - anyone else?), and Reddit.
11:00am - Decide coffee is more important than cuddling with pets and reading at this point. Get up. Feed our cat. Make French press coffee with fresh roasted beans.
12:00pm - I tidy the house a little as a procrastination tactic to avoid working out. T comes in from walking our dog and has mail. In it is a letter from my bank explaining why I was denied a credit line increase. Cue me spiraling about how my old financial issues seem to follow me no matter how good I am today. I frequently feel behind my peers, and that line of thinking is a trap, I know. I’m extra emotional about this because I’ve also just received the news that lenders may not want to give us a mortgage because of self employment. I worry out loud that I'm holding us back. (This is the internal dialog of a probably PMSing person going into an emotional spinout.) T, as usual, shrugs it off and says we’re fine. We’ll figure it out. We always do. Gives me a pep talk that’s more pragmatic than my brain wants to be right now. I mope for a little longer and play Covet.
2:00pm - Decide I need to stop feeling bad for myself and do my PT and a workout. I’m supposed to do a 30-40 min routine a minimum of 5 days a week. I’ve also recently been cleared to get back into some cardio so I decide to add on a mixed cardio workout from YouTube.
3:30pm - Finish workout. Glad I did it because I do feel better. I take a moment to affirm my gratitude for having a pain-free day and easy movement. The money situation will be resolved and is less important than my health. Time for a shower though. Wow, is it hot and humid today!
4:00pm - Give myself an at-home facial. I had awful acne, sometimes cystic, for most of my life and I don’t take a single clear skin day for granted. Before COVID I went to an esthetician every other month for a facial ($120/visit+20% tip). I had actually bought a pack of 6 visits for $600 in February. Due to the pandemic, they closed soon after and I haven't used it. The salon has just recently reopened though so I keep considering going back. But for today, I use a pumpkin enzyme peel, a hydrating masque, and then finish with my normal skincare routine. We’re going out to eat tonight so I put on makeup for the first time in months and I spray my hair with dry shampoo followed by a curling mist and pin it up to help it not look slept on. Then I get dressed. I’m wearing a shirt rented from RTR that has an open back so I go braless, which feels very on-trend for COVID.
5:00pm - Feed our cat first dinner while D walks our dog, then I water and groom my house plants.
5:30pm - Sign into QuickBooks to check whether my last client paid their invoice from last month, and they did on Friday. I update the invoice and send them a receipt. But then I notice an issue with my QB subscription (I recently changed versions) and since it’s the end of the month, I need to clear this up ASAP. I add a reminder to my to do list to call them tomorrow.
6:00pm - Leave the house to drive to Providence for a dinner reservation with friends; T drives us in his car. Realize I forgot Lactaid. I’m running low at home anyway so we stop for gas (T pays with his money) and I run into the grocery store next door. Grab deodorant and my vitamins at the same time because I’m almost out of both of them too. - $31.63
7:00pm - Get to dinner and meet our friends. We drove an hour away for this meal because the restaurant is going out of business due to the pandemic. T knows the owner well and we visit at least a couple times a year. They scaled their menu way back to feed people safely outside and while it’s amazing, I’m reminded of how the restaurant industry is just getting absolutely pummeled. But this meal is an amazing send off. We pay the bill and add a generous tip for a total of $442 for 5 people. T puts it on the joint card, and $94 will be my portion. - $94
9:45pm - We zip across town to try to get in for a nightcap at an old haunt of T’s when he lived here. Order a round of drinks at the window. T’s friend pays for us to thank us for driving down.
10:30pm - We part ways with T’s friends and briefly stop by another of T’s friends’ houses. She just got engaged yesterday so we congratulate her and she gives us our own congratulations cake - we just celebrated our wedding anniversary. This friend is a talented pastry chef and made our wedding cake for us, and this little one she gave us tonight looks just as beautiful as that.
11:50pm - Finally home. Move my car to make room for T’s car (street cleaning tomorrow). Feed our cat second dinner while T walks our dog. Jump into sleep clothes, then do my night routine (floss, brush, mouthwash, makeup remover, face wash, toner, serums, moisturizer, eye cream) and dab on some acne spot treatment. I’ve had about 7 deep pimples show up since yesterday and I mentally calculate that yeah, this probably is PMS related. No wonder I was such an emotional mess this afternoon.
12:30pm - Finally in bed. Set my alarm. Read a little until my eyes are heavy. Put on my eye mask. Do two minutes of deep breathing. Asleep by 1am.
Monday - $66.20
7:15am - Alarm goes off and I immediately hit snooze. I slept so poorly. One of those nights where you feel like you’re always just drifting in and out of consciousness and never really sleeping.
7:30am - Alarm goes off again. Still too early but I keep my eyes open. Check my phone to glance at my calendar and the weather. Look at my client emails to see if there are any fires (none, phew). Check Covet to see what scores I got overnight. I leveled up! Fun surprise first thing in the morning.
7:45am - Get up and get my morning routine underway. Brush teeth, shower (not a hair washing day), face routine, put on mascara, get dressed, feed our cat, make coffee. I’m almost out of coffee beans. I have this set for auto re-order but I usually go through a bag every 10-11 days, and they only offer 7 or 14 day intervals. I keep a bag of Dunkin Donuts whole bean coffee on hand just in case.
8:30am - Get on my weekly meeting with my “boss”. Where I’m a consultant, she’s not my boss the same way if I were employed by her, but she runs the group for which I primarily consult. She is a true boss lady and I feel extremely lucky to work with her. We spend the first 15 mins of the meeting talking about mortgages - turns out she actually bought a house her first year being a consultant too. She is going to refer me. Then we talk about work. I’ve been managing a very challenging project in an area I (used to) know nothing about, but then again, no one else on the project did either. I’ve finally assembled a team of experts and we are making real progress. I have nothing but good news this morning, which is a change from the last few months. Nice way to start the work day.
9:30am - Switch gears and get on a weekly status meeting with another client. Everything is going smoothly here. We end early because there wasn’t much to go through. Jump back into work for the first client - project check-ins and deadline reminders, holding a vendor accountable for fixing an issue… the usual.
10:45am - Clock out. Pack up the top I wore last night and a jumpsuit to return to RTR. Say goodbye to T and leave the house to go to my gyno for a follow up appointment to check on my new IUD to make sure it has settled in properly. I find on-street parking and pay for 1 hour ($2.90) and the co-pay for my visit is $30. - $32.90
12:00pm - Still at the doc. IUD is all good but I said yes to getting a free flu shot while I’m here and they’re taking forever to bring it to me. Check my parking and it’s about to run out. Add another 14 mins just as the NP comes to apologize and say she’ll be back in 5 mins. I say it’s okay and she warms my heart when she says, “I appreciate that but it’s not okay, you shouldn’t have needed to wait!” I love my entire doctor’s office. They come in with the shot and send me on my way. I swing by a FedEx to drop off the RTR bag. - $0.50
12:30pm - I get home and as I’m pulling into the (freshly street cleaned) spot I usually park in on the street, I notice there are oil marks on the road. I mention it to T when I get in the apartment. My mechanic retired early in COVID so T agrees to take me to his mechanic to make an introduction after my last meeting this afternoon. I need a state inspection, and I think I need my suspension and brakes replaced. This is going to be expensive, but I’ve been putting off any repairs because I barely drive my car since COVID. T then reminds me we had talked about getting a new router because I drop Zoom meetings all.the.time, and he found one he likes while I was out. It’s $200. I decide I’d rather deal with dropped meetings for now especially in the face of a big mechanic bill. He’s fine with not spending the money too. I make us deli meat sandwiches with a side of potato chips.
1:00pm - Settle back into my home office with my lunch and clock in. A ton of emails from one client came in while I was out. I eat while I catch up on the various situations that popped up.
2:30pm - Take a short (forced) break. While on a call, my cat jumped onto the windowsill and I watched him purposefully knock my baby avocado tree off to make room for himself (he truly enshrines the “cats are jerks” stereotype). I clean up the mess, hope the plant is okay, and then pick up my dishes from my lunch. I start the dishwasher, grab a Polar Seltzer can and go back to my office. Time to work on some slides. I turn on my new Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify for motivation.
3:45pm - After back and forth with a vendor, we still can’t get an issue resolved. I probably need to go to my client’s office because I can’t troubleshoot remotely at this point. I interrupt T’s gaming to ask if I can use his car tomorrow. He has no plans. I add a block to my calendar, fill out a symptom self-assessment form and notify the client office coordinator of when I’ll be onsite. Back to the slide deck, then a strategic planning meeting with the leadership team.
4:45pm - That last meeting ran late. And I’m so tired. I feel like I’m running on empty. Slides still aren’t done either and need to be done. I mentally prioritize car, slides, and then QuickBooks call. I got a voicemail from a mortgage lender but that’ll have to wait. T is still gaming with a friend so I stay clocked in to do a little more slide work.
5:15pm - Go to the shop with two cars to drop mine off. Find out they’re closed (T thought they were open until 6). He goes to the grocery store and I go back home. Park in a different spot and check the road where I had been parked moments ago. Oh yes, that is some nice, fresh, wet oil. I quickly pop the hood to check my oil level. It’ll be fine for now.
6:00pm - T comes home and spent $40.61 total on pork chops, sliced deli meats, yu choy, instant coffee, potato chips, whole grain nut bread, mayo, and pickles. I’ll transfer half of that to him when we reconcile the credit card in October. T asks what I want for dinner and we agree to reconvene for dinner at 8pm. He goes back to gaming and I call QuickBooks while feeding our cat first dinner. - $20.30
7:10pm - The QuickBooks issue was entirely user error. OF COURSE. I log in and snag the promo price for QuickBooks Online. I’ll pay monthly for the first 3 (discounted) months and then upgrade to the annual pricing. Since I have my business bank accounts open, I confirm the deposit amounts for all of my invoice payments for the month. I transfer to the business savings for tax withholding and schedule a transfer to my personal checking account on Oct 1st for the remainder, which will be my after-tax income for October. - $12.50
7:40 - I do PT and no workout. Too tired. And I'm hungry and dinner smells awesome.
8:30 - T made rice with beef, enoki and button mushrooms, green and yellow onions, tofu, egg. I put way too much chili crisp on my bowl and it hurts so good. He has a beer and I have water. He beats me to cleaning up the dishes and suddenly reappears from the kitchen with a vanilla chocolate chip ice cream sandwich. Turns out he got it a month ago from his friend that owns an ice cream shop (he and his industry friends food swap A LOT) and his man forgot to tell me it was in the freezer! I take two Lactaid and eat 3/4 of it. Heaven. We catch up about the day, then try to find something new to watch since finishing Ratched. We settle on season 2 of Marcella but it doesn’t hold our attention. We put on Twitch, I play some Covet and then read the news while he games with friends.
11:15pm - I decide it’s finally time to move the sleeping dog off of me and I can not, in fact, live on the couch with him forever. The second I move, our cat realizes it is time for second dinner. I feed him, do my nighttime routine, and get into bed. Asleep before midnight.
Tuesday - $16.00
7:45am - Alarm. I was having a really strange dream and feel like I slept badly too, but my sleep tracker says 6h45m. Not the worst but not the best. Check Covet, LinkedIn, the weather. Notice a ton of work emails - luckily it’s nothing super urgent.
8:15am - Get up and do my morning routine. As predicted, I did not have enough fresh roast coffee so I make a house special blend with the fresh roasted and Dunkin Donuts beans.
9:00am - Clock in and hop on a few client meetings. Nothing particularly exciting.
11:00am - Pack up my laptop to visit my client’s office to troubleshoot an issue. Circle the building to see if I can find on-street parking - nothing. Park in the garage instead. Take a voluntary COVID test upon arrival.
12:10pm - Leave client site. They ordered BBQ lunch while I was there and told me to bring home enough food for both T and me. Pay for garage parking on the biz credit card and this will be fully reimbursed by my client when I submit my invoice for the month. At home, T and I feast on ribs, pulled pork and chicken, potato salad, mac and cheese, biscuits and cole slaw. - $16
1:00pm - Client meeting. Runs a bit over. Clock out when I’m done and go to the shop with T in two cars for attempt #2 at dropping my car off.
2:00pm - Back at home, less one car. Check Covet. My group has been super active today. Spend a few minutes catching up and strategizing with them. And then clock back in because my to-do list just keeps growing.
3:30pm - Mechanic calls and asks if I can come to the shop so he can show me some concerns. This sounds expensive. I have no meetings scheduled tomorrow, so I decide to deal with this car stuff today and get focused work done tomorrow. I put on my shoes and decide to go for a walk.
4:00pm - Mechanic still has my car on the lift and walks me through the problem areas. There’s nothing that’s a surprise to me and I appreciate that he takes the time to do this. He hits me with a $2900 estimate. This is only slightly higher than what I expected so after talking through which parts we can get OEM and which ones can be aftermarket, I agree to the work. I’ve owned this car for 70,000 miles (bought it at 30k miles) and this is the first time I’ve ever had to do major maintenance work outside of my regular oil, fluid, belt, brake and tire changes. On my walk home, I notice I’m not even feeling badly about this and my main emotion is genuine gratitude that I can afford this. It was less than a decade ago that a serious repair on a former car caused me to need to go without some utilities and food. I wish I could tell my younger self that it will get better because I was often in a very dark place because of (lack of) money.
4:30pm - Home. Grab a can of Polar seltzer water. Clock in as I notice my primary client’s email has blown up. I really want to just be done for the day but I decide to get to Inbox 0 so I can start my day tomorrow without small tasks hanging over my head.
5:30pm - Inbox 0 achieved. I could do more but the internet went out again and T is already on the phone with them. That’s the third or fourth time today. They are sending a service person out and I hear him making the appointment for tomorrow. I’m fine with clocking out. Our cat gets his first dinner.
5:45pm - Get an email I want to follow up with right away. Add 15 more minutes of billable time while T walks our dog. Then I read the latest drama watch MD and check on Covet. I’m going to fall behind in that if I don’t submit some looks tonight.
6:45pm - I got sucked into another R29 MD and the comments filled me with anxiety about posting my own. Decide I need to put my phone down.
7:00pm - T intercepts me to proofread his menu and social posts for a takeout pop-up. It sounds amazing and we work through some revisions together. I joke sometimes that working for him is my second job.
7:30pm - Talk to a friend about logistics for a camping/hiking trip this weekend. Then throw on workout clothes and do PT. Feel more sore and tired than usual so I decide not to do a cardio workout afterward, even though that was my intention.
8:30pm - T makes dinner for us: noodles with pork belly and pulled pork, yu choy and button mushrooms. Then T calls a friend to talk about a specialty order he needs to place while I play Covet. We watch an episode of Marcella after that and the Internet goes out again. He works on a prep list and I go back to Covet.
10:45pm - Feed our cat second dinner, do my nighttime routine and get into bed. I’m so tired. Read in bed and lights off by 11:30. Can’t fall asleep though because my back pain is really flaring up for some reason. Get up to take ibuprofen, and then I finally fall asleep at 12:30.
Wednesday - $14.75
7:45am - I’ve been awake for I’m not sure how long while attempting to keep sleeping but I’m giving up now. My back is in serious pain. I'm so tired that I indulge in lots of Reddit browsing and Covet playing.
9:30am - Finally get up after making the mistake of reading news coverage of the debates last night. My sleep tracker says I got a little over 4h of real sleep. These days are much rarer than they used to be, but sometimes my back really just acts up and I don’t always know why. Also it is extremely windy this morning and I realize we left the windows open... it must have poured last night because the couch is soaked. This is... not a good morning. Can I have a do-over?
10:45am - My teeth are brushed, cat is fed, couch is disassembled and drying, and I did the dishes from dinner last night, but I am dragging today. There are no work emails and I have cramps on top of the back pain. Maybe that’s why my back hurts more. Ugh, why? I realize that I have to go easy on myself today. I eat some Triscuits because my stomach is going to have to deal with coffee and painkillers this morning.
12:15pm - I feel human again after a shower. It is a hair wash day, which always feels nice, and the Ibuprofen has kicked in. T vacuumed while I was in the shower and tells me there’s a big crack causing an air leak and it’s in bad shape. Everyone tells me they swear by the Dyson Pet so we look it up: $600! I didn’t see that coming. We decide to try to make the vacuum work with duct tape for now until Back Friday sales. Make deli meat sandwiches for us, and eat while playing some Covet.
1:00pm - Time to do work! T also goes out to get some work done.
2:30pm - T is home. I got a letter from my health insurance company that 10% of May’s premium will be refunded to me in the form of a check as part of COVID-19 premium forgiveness. I’ll take it.
3:30pm - Clock out. Today feels like I’ve mostly been herding cats. But I checked off a ton of little things on my to-do list so that’s a win. Log into Trade Coffee and my next coffee is supposed to be roasted this week and shipped next week. I decide to order a bag of coffee beans for immediate shipping. - $14.75
3:45pm - Time to get myself paid (AKA last day of the month). Log into QuickBooks and get my invoices in order and ready to send tomorrow. Put on Spotify for motivation. I’m feeling peckish and grab a few pieces of chocolate butter almond toffee.
4:50pm - Carrier arrives to check our internet. Invoices are almost ready to go but I take a break because the internet will be going in and out. Chat with friends about logistics for this weekend - looks like it’s going to rain so we may scrap the camping plan and make a day trip out of the hike.
5:30pm - Get a call back from a mortgage lender that is willing to have a conversation with us. They are not nearly as concerned about our self employment as other lenders were. We spend an hour on the phone. I feel encouraged and hopeful that maybe this can actually happen. I have a message from another lender asking if we can set up time to talk too. T and I spend a little time looking at houses. I don’t want to get too excited yet, but we’re feeling a bit better.
7:00pm - Catch up on some local news and text a bit with my friend. She just adopted a kitten and is finding super cute stuff for her online.
7:30pm - Do PT. No workout tonight. Then take our dog for a walk. T makes dinner.
9:00pm - Eat dinner: rice stir fry with brisket, yu choy, mushrooms, and corn. Watch an episode of Marcella. It’s getting better but we make fun of the characters a bit.
10:00pm - Do my nighttime routine and feed our cat second dinner. I’m not messing around tonight and take a sleep aid. Get into bed, read a bit, and am asleep by 11.
Thursday - $3211.13
7:45am - Alarm, snooze.
8:00am - Alarm again. Keep my eyes open this time. I slept through the whole night, which is an amazing relief. And I have no back pain! Check on Covet and then work email. My COVID test was negative, yay! Text a friend to wish her happy birthday.
8:15am - Out of bed, and do the morning routine. No hair wash day.
9:00am - Client meeting. Nothing noteworthy.
10:15am - Clock out. Tidy the kitchen, then proofread my invoices for services provided in September (totaling $24,594) and hit send. T comes back from his walk with our dog and noticed he’s limping. We shelled out $1200 earlier this year for a limp that ended up going away on its own with no explanation, so we're a bit concerned. We still have some of the anti-inflammatories for him though, so we give him that. I will be getting pet insurance for our next pets.
11:00am - Back to work. Nothing noteworthy. I make deli meat sandwiches for T and me while he is on a Zoom with a property developer that is presenting an opportunity to open a restaurant in 2022.
2:00pm - Take a break from work; T wants to talk about the restaurant opportunity. There’s a lot I can advise him on in business, but the restaurant industry has a lot of specialty knowledge too. Owning his own place is the end goal for T, and we also talk about how this factors in with our other goals too. I am extremely supportive of him making his own decision about whether this is the right opportunity for him. He goes back to the dining table to contact some friends and advisors, and I go back into the office/second bedroom.
3:45pm - Dragging a little. It’s a fairly quiet day for all of my clients, which is great because I can tackle projects that need more free space to think and be creative, but on the other hand, I start to lose focus if it’s too quiet for too long. Get up to stretch my legs and get a Polar seltzer. Turn on Spotify. Open the office windows. And then jump back into work.
4:30pm - Mechanic called and my car is ready. He forgot to add the alignment to the quote, and then with the addition of tax, the total damage is $3105.13 (in short, four new brakes, new struts, new bushings, one new bearing, and a new oil pan because yay salty-rusty-fun winter roads). I immediately apply an overpayment from my savings to my credit card at home. - $3105.13
5:30pm - I have every intention of doing PT but while on the way to change into workout clothes, T stops to ask me a question relating to the restaurant opportunity. We end up talking through investment scenarios, hiring strategies, and more, and suddenly an hour has passed. Oops.
6:30pm - Wash my face and put on some makeup. T and I leave to meet a friend and her SO for her birthday dinner. I expected we’d be outside, but we’re not. I don’t love sitting inside in a restaurant during the pandemic, however, I am very grateful to spend time with friends. We drop a small fortune but the steaks are amazing. We split checks between couples to pay. The bill for T and me is $212, and I will pay half. - $106
11:00pm - Back home finally. I feed the cat and do my nighttime routine while T walks the dog. He is still in pain. I take him to bed with me and try to be his comfort buddy the way he does for me when I feel crappy. I read and am asleep by 12:30.
Friday - $3.50
7:45am - Alarm, snooze.
8:00am - Alarm and wake up. Check Covet, news, weather and email. My group chat with some close friends blows up and many memes are exchanged.
8:30am - Get up later than I should have. Do my morning routine at warp speed. Glad it’s not a hair wash day. I can’t be bothered with it, so I put it up in a sock bun.
9:00am - Zoom meeting with a client. One of them is a hiker and has a background photo from a trip he took last weekend in the area I’m going tomorrow. It’s gorgeous. I get really excited, which is the energy I need to make up for what’ll probably be a 4:30am wakeup tomorrow morning. My meeting ends 15 minutes early and I use this time to place an RTR order - I could’ve done this yesterday and received the delivery today but I completely forgot. I order a cute I’m-not-ready-for-summer-to-end cropped floral top and a structured plaid peplum top that’s more professional.
10:00am - Pack my bag and head to my client’s office for an issue that has been confounding me all week. Find on-street parking to save my client some money and put the max time (2h) on the business credit card. Set an alarm so I can move my car into the garage if I need to go over. - $3.50
12:45pm - Leave my client just as I get a notification about my parking expiring. The issue is still not resolved. I’m going to have to come back next week again. Run home for my next round of back-to-back meetings.
1:00pm - Make it to my desk and on the Zoom meeting exactly on time and earlier than the client I’m meeting with. Success! Go straight into two more meetings after that. Between meetings, I am super hungry and can’t resist eating a handful of potato chips and two sugar cookies that came with the take-home BBQ lunch earlier this week.
3:00pm - Come up for air. Make a sandwich so I can eat some real food. Read documentation while I’m eating so I stay clocked in. Around 4pm, I switch to updating my project trackers and send out some week end updates to stakeholders. I have one last task I need to do before Monday but I don’t have any more time so I leave about an hour of work for Sunday. The week was really light anyway due to some of my mental health time, and I’ve only logged 32h of billable work. With the projects that are going to ramp up this month, I will likely work overtime in the coming weeks so I am not worried about this week.
5:15pm - Clock out. Quickly change into exercise clothes and get my PT in.
6:15pm - Feed our cat first dinner and then go to my friend’s for dinner and hiking planning. T stays at home to do some work. My friend is cooking and using vegetables from her garden so I bring a bottle of wine we’ve had at home forever and a quarter of the cake from our other friend and she makes spaghetti squash, turkey tomato sauce, and roasted squash seeds. We eat while making sure we're all set for tomorrow.
9:30pm - Home, feed our cat second dinner. Walk through the plan for tomorrow with T and pack.
10:30pm - Nighttime routine. Take some ibuprofen proactively. Read until my eyes are heavy and I am asleep by 11:30pm.
Saturday - $41.03
4:30am - Alarm. Question my sanity. Do my morning routine with no hair wash. Make coffee and sandwiches to go. Do some stretches and get the pets set up to be on their own for a while.
6:00am - Arrive at my friend’s house. Eat some fresh baked bread, peanut butter, and banana with them. Pack up the car and hit the road.
8:00am - Stop at a convenience store to pick up snacks: mixed nuts, bananas, peanut butter crackers and protein bars. We also get two more liters of water. We are already hungry and decide to each get an egg and sausage sandwich too. The total is $20.66 and I’ll pay half of it. - $10.33
8:30am - Arrive at the trailhead and find free parking. Triple-check our equipment and supplies, and then hit the trail.
12:00pm - Reach the summit. We’re mostly fogged in and it’s cold and rainy. Add a few more layers and a rain jacket. Find a rock to post up on and eat our sandwiches, bananas, and mixed nuts. By the time we finish eating, the wind picked up but that caused the fog to clear out a bit. We were rewarded with gorgeous red, orange and yellow views of the valley. It’s getting really cold though, and we decide it’s time to head back by 12:45.
3:30pm - Arrive at the car. Eat a protein bar. On the trek back, we all openly fantasized about having ice cold beers. As soon as we get on the road and have service again, we find a brewery that’s on the way home.
5:00pm - After one brewery is full for outdoor seating, we find another one with a table outside. I have a beer flight and T has a beer, and we split pretzel rolls, a sausage, and a chicken salad. We put my friend and her spouse’s food on the same check; I put the whole thing on the joint card and offer to cover tip so we can compensate them for gas and driving. The total check is $87 and we leave an $18 tip; after my friend Venmo’s us for their half of the bill before tip, $61.40 is the remaining and I will transfer half to D. - $30.70
8:00pm - We safely make it back to our friends’ home and grab my car, and a quick 10 mins later, we arrive home. D walks our dog and I feed our cat. My coffee arrived today (just in time because I finished the DD coffee this morning too) and my RTR bag came, which is unusual - They usually don’t deliver on Saturdays but I’m not complaining! T showers and then I shower. It’s the best shower I’ve ever had. I really want to wash my hair but don’t want to wait for my hair to dry (and don’t want to sleep with it wet either!) so just put it up in a bun to hold it over until tomorrow.
9:00pm - D makes tea for us and I grab Ibuprofen and ice packs. My knee is in some serious pain but luckily I have a video meeting with my physical therapist on Monday. I was a little over-ambitious giving the green light to this trail... We watch an episode of Marcella.
10:00pm - I do my nighttime routine and go to bed. I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.
Week's expenses:
Food + Drink: $235.05
Fun / Entertainment: $41.03
Home + Health: $61.63
Clothes + Beauty: $0
Transport: $3,108.53
Business: $12.50
Reimbursable: $19.50

Outside of the car repairs, this week is fairly typical overall. Two expensive dining out meals in one week is rare for us since the pandemic, but we've been doing takeout at least once a week, and going out ended up replacing that. Otherwise, T is really quite good at cooking cheaply at home, and this is an area of significant savings since the pandemic. I also tend to curtail my internet shopping a lot, so the lack of unplanned purchases this week is also not unusual. I often wait a week or two after I've had a thought that I want something to make sure it's a need and not just a want. I probably go a bit overboard with this and sometimes put off needs because any purchase could make me feel anxious about spending money.
A goal of mine going into this was to confront my relationship with money, and I feel I've accomplished that this week. It's a work in progress. I admit I sometimes avoid looking at my account out of fear for what I'll find (which again, is really quite nonsensical). I never find bad news, but I think I get somewhat scared I'll let my spending get out of control, or that something terrible will happen and I'll be right back where I started. But reflecting on this... I think I'm doing pretty well with good financial habits and making progress on what has really been a rocky financial past. And that perhaps a lot of my fears are negative self-talk, or potentially even traumas from my past that I should probably discuss with a therapist. This is something I would like to focus on, and if anyone has felt similarly before, I am open to feedback!
Thanks for reading!
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11-11 Memories Retold
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A Good Snowman is Hard to Build
A Mortician's Tale
A New Beginning - Final Cut
Acceleration of SUGURI 2
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Agents of Mayhem
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All You Can Eat
Almost There: The Platformer
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Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor x2
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Don't Stand Out
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For The King
Framed The Collection
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Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich
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Full Throttle Remastered
Future Proof
Genesis Alpha One Deluxe Edition
GOD EATER 2: Rage Burst
God's Trigger x2
Goetia x2
Gremlins, Inc. x2
Grim Fandango Remastered
Grimm & Tonic
Guns of Icarus Alliance Collector's Edition
Guns of Icarus Alliance Costume Pack
Guns of Icarus Alliance Soundtrack
Hack 'n' Slash
Hacknet + dlc x2
HackyZack x2
Hello Neighbor
Hello Neighbor+ Hello Neighbor Hide and Seek
Hello Pollution!
Heaven's Vault
HIVESWAP: Act 1 x2
Horizon Chase Turbo
Hyperdrive Massacre
I'm not a Monster X2
Immortal Planet
Immortal Redneck
Impact Winter
In Between
In memory of TITAN
Infested Planet
Infested Planet - Trickster's Arsenal DLC
Interplanetary: Enhanced Edition
Iron Brigade
Jurassic World Evoultion
Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth
Killing Floor 2
Kingdom Classic
Kingdom New Lands
Knights of Pen and Paper 2`
Lakeview Cabin Collection
Laser League
Last Day of June
Last Encounter
Lost Castle
Lost in the Dungeon
LostWinds 2: Winter of the Melodias
Love is Dead x2
MagiCat x2
Mana Spark
Massive Chalice
Marvin's Mittens
Masquerade: The Baubles of Doom
Match Point
Mega Man X Legacy Collection
Mega Man Legacy Collection
Men of War: Assault Squad 2 War Chest Edition
Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes
MetaMorph: Dungeon Creatures
Mindball Play
Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae
Moon Hunters
MotoGP 15
Mr. Shifty x3
MXGP-The Official Motocross Videogame
Must Dash Amigos
My Memory of Us
NAIRI: Tower of Shirin
NBA 2k20 (region locked NA)
NBA Playgrounds
Nemo Dungeon
Neo Cab
Newt One
Niche x2
Niffelheim x2
Night Call
Ninja Senki DX
No Time To Explain Remastered
Octahedron: Transfixed Edition x2
Offworld Trading Company
Old Man's Journey
Old School Musical
Opus Magnum
Original War
Orwell: Keeping an Eye for you
Overlord 2
Override: Mech City Brawl x2
Pacify x2
PAC-MAN™ Championship Edition DX+
Paper Fire Rookie x2
Paperbark x2
Partial Control
Party Hard + High Crimes x2
Pathologic Classic HD
Perfect Heist
Phantom Doctrine x2
Pizza Titan Ultra
Planet Alpha x2
Planet of the Eyes
Potatoman Seeks the Troof
Pound of Ground
Primal Carnage: Extinction x2
Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin
Pumped BMX +
Punch Club x2
Purrfect Date - Visual Novel/Dating Simulator
Puss! x2
Quadrilateral Cowboy
Q.U.B.E. 2
Quest of Dungeons x2
Rapture Rejects
Rebound Dodgeball Evolved
Red Faction Guerrilla Remarstered
Red Horizon
Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad with Rising Storm
Regions of Ruin
Regular Human Basketball
Rising Dusk x2
Road Doom
Road Redemption x2
Rock of Ages 2: Bigger & Boulder™
Rogue Rocks
Roof Rage
Satellite Reign
Scanner Sombre
Serial Cleaner
Seven: The Days Long Gone
She Remembered Caterpillars
Shenzhen I/O x3
Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom
Sid Meiers Pirates!
Snake Pass
Sniper Elite
Sniper Elite 3 x2
Sniper Elite V2
Songs of Skydale
Sonic 3 & Knuckles
Sonic Adventure 2 + Battle DLC
Sonic Adventure DX
Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing
Sonic CD
Spacebase DF-9
Space Pilgrim Episode 1: Alpha Centauri
Star Trek Online: Federation Elite Starter Pack
State of Mind x3
Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones
Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure
Stories: The Path of Destinies
Strikers Edge
Styx: Shards of Darkness
Sudden Strike 4
Super Animal Royale
Super Chicken Catchers
Super Daryl Deluxe
Super Rude Bear Resurrection
Super Steampunk Pinball 2D
Super Time Force Ultra
Sure Footing
Switchblade Epic Pack DLC
Switchblade Starter Pack
Sword Legacy Omen x2
Swords and Soldiers 2 Shawarmageddon x2
System Shock: Enhanced Edition
System Shock 2
Take On Helicopters Bundle
Take on Mars
Temple of Xiala
Terraforming Mars
The Adventure Pals x2
The Bard's Tale IV Director's Cut x2
The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters
The Darkness II
The Dwarves
The Final Station
The First Tree
The Gardens Between
The Golf Club 2019
The Haunting of Billy
The Journey Down: Chapter Three
The Little Acre
The Messenger
The Shrouded Isle
The Spiral Scouts x2
The Stillness of the Wind
The Town of Light x2
The Turing Test x2
The Walking Dead: Season 1
The Walking Dead: Season 2
The Walking Dead: Michonne - A Telltale Miniseries
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The Witness
Think of the Children x2
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This is the Police 2
Throne of Lies® The Online Game of Deceit
Through the Darkest of Times
Tilt Brush x2
Tiny Echo
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Tower 57
Tower of Guns x2
Train Valley 2 x2
Turok x2
Turok 2 Seeds of Evil
Underhero x2
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Westerado: Double Barreled
When Ski Lifts Go Wrong x2
Wizard of Legend
World of Goo
Worms Revolution
XMorph Defense x2
Zero G Arena

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911 Operator
10 Second Ninja X
Acorn Assault: Rodent Revolution
Airport Madness Time Machine
Airscape The Fall of Gravity
Alien Spidy
Alter Army x2
American Fugtive
Analogue: A Hate Story
Aporia: Beyond The Valley
Ara Fell
Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX!!!!
Ashes of the Singularity Escalation x2
Astebreed: Definitive Edition
Asterix & Obelix XXL 2
Asura: Vengeance Expansion
Atari Vault
Attack of the Earthlings x2
Auto Age: Standoff
Badminton Warrior
Batman Arkham Knight
Bear With Me: The Complete Edition
Beat Cop
Beholder 2
Blood: Fresh Supply
Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition
Bomber Crew
Boom Box Blue
Brick Rigs
Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons
Bunker Punks
Californium x2
Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood
Callys Caves 3
Carmageddon: Max Damage
Castaway Paradise - Town Building Sim x2
Catlateral Damage x2
Cat Quest
Caveblazers x2
Chaos Reborn x2
Charlie II
Chroma Squad
Codex of Victory
Coffin Dodgers x4
Conglomerate 451
Construct Escape the System
Cookies vs Claus
Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim
Cortex Command
Cosmic Star Heroine
Curse: The Eye of Isis
Dark Angels Masquerade of Shadows x2
Day of Infamy
Days of War: Definitive Edition
Dead Age
Dead Island Definitive Edition
Devil Daggers x2
Dirt Rally
Dog Sled Saga x2
Dollar dash
Dots eXtreme x2
DreamBreak x2
Duke Nukem Forever +2 DLCS
Dungeon Siege II
Dungeon Souls
Enforcer: Police Crime Action
F1 2018
Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered
Fantasy Versus
Figment x2
Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward
Fist Slash: Of Ultimate Fury
Five Champions of Canaan
Flashing Lights - Police Fire EMS
Forward to the Sky
Four Sided Fantasy
From the Depths
Funk of Titans x2
G Prime
Garage: Bad Trip
Gas Guzzlers Extreme x2
Geometry Wars 3 Dimensions Evolved x2
Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams- Rise of the Owlverlord
Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams
Gift of Parthax
Gloom x4
Gravity Wars
Grid Autosport+ DLCs
Grip: Combat Racing
Guards of the Gate
Guilty Gear X2 #Reload
Guns, Gore and Cannoil 2
Gunman Tales
Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure
Hard West
Hazardous Space
Heavy Burger
Hegemony Rome The Rise of Caesar
Hero of the Kingdom III x2
Heroes of the Monkey Tavern
Hive Jump x2
Homebrew - Patent Unknown x2
HoPiKo x2
Hotel Dracula
Hungry Flame
Huntsman: The Orphanage
I am not a Monster
ICY: Frostbite Edition
Immortal Redneck x2
In Fear I Trust 1-4
Infinite Air with Mark McMorris
Internet Cafe Simulator
Invisigun Heroes
Iron Fisticle
Jet Set Knights
Kick Ass Commandos
Kingdom Under Fire 2- Basic Edition
Layers of Fear
Learn Japanese to survive Hiragana Battle
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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2
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LEGO STAR WARS: The Force Awakens Delxue Edition
LEGO STAR WARS: The Force Awakens
LEGO Worlds
LEGRAND LEGACY: Tale of the Fatebounds
Leisure Suit Larry - Magna Cum Laude Uncut and Uncensored
Letter Quest Grimms Journey Remastered
Lifeless Planet Premier Edition
Lock's Quest
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Mars: War Logs
Medieval Kingdom Wars
Mini Ninjas
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My Memory of Us
Mystery of Unicorn Castle The Beastmaster
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Neon Prism
Never Alone Arctic Collection
Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition
Next Hero
Next Up Hero x7
Nexus The Jupiter Incident
Ninja Shodown
No Time To Explain Remastered
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Of Orcs and Men
Old Man's Journey
On Rusty Trails
One More Dungeon
Onikira Demon Killer x2
Orborun x3
Oriental Empires x2
Quantum Replica
Out of Reach
Overclocked: A History of Violence
Override: Mech City Brawl - Super Charged Mega Edition
Pandemic Express Zombie Escape
Paranautical Activity Deluxe Atonement Edition
Party Hard 2 + DLC
PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist x2
Phantom Trigger
Pony Island
Project Highrise
Project Remedium
Rain World
Redeemer: Enhanced Edition x2
Redout: Enhanced Edition
Remothered: Tormented Fathers
Renowned Explorers: International Society
Resort Boss: Golf
Reverse Crawl x2
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Rise of Insanity
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Robothorium: Cyberpunk Dungeon Crawler
RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic x2
Rush for Glory
Rym 9000
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Savage Lands
Scrap Garden x2
SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell
Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun
Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments
Sherlock Holmes: The Devils Daughter
Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom
Sid Meiers Civilization V x2
Sid Meier's Civilization®: Beyond Earth™ x4
SimCity4 Deluxe Editon x3
Sine Mora EX
Sir, You Are Being Hunted
Siralim 3 x2
Skullgirls x3
Sky Break
Skyhill: Black Mist
Slain Back from Hell x3
Slash It
Slash It 2
Silver Chains
Smoke and Sacrifice x2
Snow White Solitaire Charmed Kingdom
Snake Pass x3
Songbringer x2
Spoiler Alert x2
Stable Orbit
StarDrive 2
STAR WARS Jedi Knight II Jedi Academy
STAR WARS Jedi Knight II Jedi Outcast x2
STAR WARS The Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition
Stealth Inc 2 x2
Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure
Steel Division: Normandy 44
Street Racing Syndicate
Styx Shards of Darkness
Styx: Master of Shadows
Super Inefficient Golf
Super Life of Pixel
Supreme Ruler The Great War
Survive in Space
Sword Legacy Omen
Syberia 3+ DLC
Syberia 3
System Shock: Enhanced Edition
Table Manners: The Physics-Based Dating Game
Tales from Candlekeep: Tomb of Annihilation
TASTEE Lethal Tactics
Tesla vs Lovecraft
The Adventures of Fei Duanmu 端木斐异闻录
The Age of Decadence x2
The Black Death
The Cat Lady x2
The Deed: Dynasty
The Flame in the Flood
The Hex x2
The Invisible Hours
The Last Federation
The Last Leviathan x3
The Little Acre
The Light Keep Us Safe
The Lion's Song: Season Pass
The Low Road x2
The Metronomicon
The Testament of Sherlock Holmes
The Spatials
The Surge
The Swindle
The Technomancer
The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia
The Town of Light x4
The Uncertain - The Last Quiet Day
The Walking Vegetables
The Watchmaker x2
Thief: Deadly Shadows
This War of Mine + Season Pass
Through the Woods
Toki x2
Tomb Raider(2013) x2
Tomb Raider GOTY (2013) x3
Tower 57
Tracks - The Train Set Game x2
Train Valley
Tropico 3 Gold Edition
Turmoil x2
Unbox Newbies Adventure
Unbox: Newbie's Adventure
Use Your Words
V Rally
Valhalla Hills
Valnir Rok Survival RPG
Vanguard Princess with all DLCs
Vertical Drop Heroes HD x2
Void Invaders
War Tech Fighters
Warhammer 40,000: Sanctus Reach x2
Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide
We Are The Dwarves
White Night
White Noise 2
Whos Your Daddy x2
Wick x2
Winged Sakura: Mindy's Arc
Wings of Vi x2
Wooden Floor 2 Resurrection
World's Dawn
XBlaze Lost: Memories
Yesterday Origins
Yet Another Zombie Defense HD
Zombie Kill of the Week Reborn x2
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